Thursday, September 25, 2014


Special Download available now on Teachers Pay Teachers!
$5.00 for all THREE books!

This package offers 3 full products for hours of Halloween fun. These products are not only fun, they are educational.

Bats, bats, bats! Lapbook - They may be spooky, creepy, and mysterious, but surprisingly, they hardly ever go "bump" in the night! In fact, they could be helping you more than you know. Separate the fact from the myth about these fascinating creatures in Bats, Bats, Bats! by Debra Haagen! Includes a complete Study Guide and all booklet templates. Designed for K-8th grade students.

The History of Halloween- This lapbook is NOT all about things that go bump in the night. This product was designed to study the actual history of Halloween, how and where it started, and the cultural lessons to be learned through its journey through the centuries, and the cultural changes that made it into what it is today.

BONUS: Halloween Activity Book- This activity book includes coloring, math, language arts, Bingo, critical thinking, and more! This product was designed for K-5th grade students but could easily be used for other levels as well.

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