Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Study History with Knowledge @ Kindle!

In trying to find something that really helps YOU as an educator, I'm finding that a lot of people would like some sort of plan to follow.  I've had a number of people ask me how I do history with my kids in homeschool.  Public school teachers are often also looking for supplements to their curricula.  In response, I am laying out a history study in our Knowledge@Kindle newsletters.  Since we are starting midyear (and we are studying American History this year), I am starting with the American Civil War (better known round these parts as the War Between the States!)  We will work each week on going from the American Civil War in the 1860s through to the present time this school year.  Next school year, I will start over with Ancient World History.

Each week I will put a few of Knowledge Box's Kindle items on sale and/or provide or point you toward a freebie to help you work through the history.  I will also sometimes give you other resources.  The Kindle is great to use for history study because you can send the study guide to each student's Kindle to read together, and if you choose to watch any videos or use an online resource, you can do that right on the Kindles as well!

If you are studying a different period of history right now, you still may want to download some of these materials for future reference while they are free and on sale. And never fear - we will continue to provide you with other excellent content as well!

We are currently on the 4th week of our history study in the newsletters.  I realized that while I have posted the last two weeks to the blog, I neglected to post the first two.  Here are the links to all four weeks we have done so far.  Some of the freebies were only available free for a limited time, but the sales have been extended because we have a lot of new people joining.  I hope you can find some great resources here!

Knowledge@Kindle - First Day of Spring and Study History With Us (3 FREEBIES)!

Check out this week's Knowledge@Kindle newsletter and history study. We have THREE FREEBIES for you this week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Knowledge@Kindle: St. Patrick's Day and Study History With Us (FREEBIE)