Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry And Bright Wordart Freebie

Here is the wordart, the final piece of the "Merry and Bright" Christmas kit.  Click on the image to download from Mediafire.  PU/S4H/S4O.

If you missed a piece of this kit, don't worry, all the links are still active!

Merry Christmas!

Day Twelve of Schoolhouse Review Crew Giveaways

Marcy and the folks over at The Schoolhouse Review Crew have been working hard to bring you 12 Days of Giveaways.  Just look what they have for you today for Day #12!!  And if I'm not mistaken, I believe you can STILL register for ALL 12 days of Giveaways, ESPECIALLY DAY ELEVEN, when they listed that fantastic children's book, Amazing Animals by Design!!!

We have reached the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. I hope you’ve all been able to win a prize over the past couple of weeks!
We wanted to really go out BIG with this last giveaway, and thanks to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I think we can all agree that we are! So here we go . . .

On the twelfth day of Christmas Giveaways, TWELVE winners will receive . . . a one-year subscription to! AND . . .   a one-year subscription to Molly Green Magazine/!  AND . . . 3 of these winners (the first 3 names drawn) will also win a Warehouse Wipeout package, which includes a Homeschooling with Heart tote bag stuffed with back issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine print magazines, plus some bonus gifts! Wow!
To enter, visit! And don’t forget, we still have several other giveaways to enter!

Uncomplicate your homeschooling with Expert teachers provide lesson materials and video lessons for every level, from pre-K to high school. Make educating your children as simple as Point, Click, Teach. ($64 value)

Molly Green Magazine/
Take the frustration out of being frugal. Learn how to make do with less—and have fun at the same time—with Molly Green Magazine, a monthly E-Book publication. Plus members receive all five of Molly’s E-Books and access to all back issues of the magazine. ($46 value)

Warehouse Wipeout
Warehouse Wipeout: Receive a boxful of goodies that include 7 print back issues of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, Homeschooling with Heart Tote bag, and bonus gifts. ($105 value)

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Eleventh Day of Christmas Giveaway!

If you haven't registered for your free copy yet from, what are you waiting for?

My Memories 3-D Christmas Tree Freebie #3

We have one last December freebie from My Memories.  Click on the image below to download from

Did you get the first two freebie tree sets?  Hurry, they all expire Christmas Eve!

Crystaldawson4 was the winner of the My Memories software drawing from December 15.  Congratulations!!

If you would like to get your own copy of the My Memories scrapbooking software for yourself or someone else for Christmas, use the code STMMMS79285 to get $10 off from

Merry Christmas!

"New Year's Mini" from Dandelion Dust Designs and Freebie

Christmas is almost here, and although I hate to get ahead of myself with the holidays, I must admit that we are already making our New Year's Eve plans.  Dandelion Dust Designs is also prepared with the "New Year's Mini" kit, new in the shop this week.  I used the kit for my birthday celebration, which comes soon after New Year's, so y'all can go ahead and start sending gifts!

Click on the preview to get the kit, exclusively at ScrapTakeout

Download your free quickpage from Mediafire.  Click image below.  PU only.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this kit from Dandelion Dust Designs in exchange for a layout.

"Slice of Winter" Kit from Dandelion Dust Designs and Freebie

Are you getting snow?  Here in the south it was 73 in my house yesterday, and though it has cooled down quite a bit today, there is no White Christmas in our forecast.  I know some parts of the country wish they could send us some of theirs right now though!  Here's a fun kit to document all of your snow fun this year.  Dandelion Dust Designs just released "Slice of Winter."

Click on the preview below to see the kit, exclusively at ScrapTakeout:

Click on these images to download your free QPs from Mediafire:

Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this kit from Dandelion Dust Designs in exchange for layouts.

"Merry And Bright" Alpha Freebie

At long last, here is the alpha for "Merry and Bright."  Click image to download from Mediafire.  PU/S4H/S4O.

Come back in the next few days to pick up the last piece, the wordart.

Merry Christmas!


Today is the day!  I told you that you wouldn't want to miss Day Eleven of The Schoolhouse Review Crew giveaways!
Go to to enter to win one of my books! 

On the eleventh day of Christmas Giveaways, ELEVEN winners will receive . . . Amazing Animals by Design by Debra Haagen!
To enter, go to! Don’t forget to enter the other giveaways!

Why is a giraffe’s neck so tall? Why do zebras have stripes? Did all of these things happen by accident? When John and Sarah visit the zoo, they ask these questions and many more. Their parents and the zookeepers keep using the word design, but what does that mean? With its relevant message and exciting presentation, this is the perfect book to help introduce children to intelligent design. Come find out in Amazing Animals by Design by Debra Haagen!

Ten winners will receive this lovely children’s picture book in eBook form. But one winner (the first name drawn) will win a beautiful hardcover copy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It Makes A Great Christmas Gift!

I am getting ready to do some writing of a more personal nature, my annual Christmas letter.  As I reflect on the year 2012, it has, as for most people, been full of ups and downs. I will, however, remember 2012 as the year I got my first book published!  I hope 2013 will bring more exciting developments. 

If you are looking for a last-minute gift for a child on your Christmas list, Amazing Animals by Design is currently being offered in several stores and retail outlets.  In addition to Tate Publishing, Christian Book Distributors (CBD) now offers both the paperback and PDF versions.  Amazon carries the paperback and the Kindle edition, and Barnes and Noble carries the paperback and the Nook edition.  As of this posting, they all appear to be in stock and available.

The audio version of Amazing Animals by Design is also now available.  It can be purchased by itself from Tate Publishing, but if you purchase a book, there will be a code in the back for a free download of the audio version.

Follow me at to find out some things I've learned about writing and publishing in the past year!

Merry Christmas!

Exciting Adventures in 2013!

A while back, I indicated that I had some exciting things coming up for the new year.  I am putting a few of my involvements on hold for about 6 months to a year - such as directing children's musicals at church and writing reviews for The Schoolhouse Review Crew - although I loved both of those activities very much.  Right now, though, I would like to concentrate on writing and homeschooling.  Some wonderful new opportunities have opened up to me, which I would like to pursue.

First of all, I am working on a follow up to my first book:  Amazing Plants by Design.  If you are a budding author, a wanna-be author, or have just always wondered what the writing/publishing process entails, please follow me at  Over there, I give you a glimpse into the step-by-step process.  Join me in the journey, whether I succeed or fail!

Secondly - and I am very excited about this one - I have been working on my first lapbook unit study for Knowledge Box Central.  It is also on Intelligent Design, and I hope to have it released very soon.  When I do, all of my loyal followers on either blog or Facebook will be the first to know!

Have I mentioned that you'll want to be around for DAY ELEVEN of The Schoolhouse Review Crew 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways??

Merry Christmas!

My Memories - Second 3D Trees Freebie

I have one more fun freebie for you today.  Have you had a chance to make the 3D Trees in the first freebie from My Memories?

Here is the second set.  Click image to download from My Memories.  They are only available till Dec 24!

Remember, use the code STMMMS79285 to get $10 off My Memories scrapbooking software at  Makes a great Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas!

More Elements for "Merry and Bright"

I don't know about you, but I am running out of space on my hard drive for all the Christmas kits I've been collecting, both freebies and purchases.  I'm looking forward to doing some actual scrapbooking with them!

Here are the rest of the elements for "Merry and Bright."  Click on the image to download from Mediafire.  PU/S4H/S4O.  Come back in the next few days for the alpha.  I plan for all links to remain active at least until the end of December.

Merry Christmas!

Schoolhouse Review Crew Sixth Day of Christmas Giveaways

On the sixth day of Christmas Giveaways, SIX winners will receive . . . a lovely 2-book bundle from!
Have you entered to win the other giveaways ?

This beautiful book bundle includes Family Favorites for the Holidays and Memory Making Made Easy by Phyllis Sather. Perfect for the Christmas season!

Family Favorites for the Holidays 
Every family has their favorite Christmas traditions. Those traditions include events, places, people, and food. This little book is about the food that our family associates with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.
Christmas is like no other season of the year. For us, who live in Minnesota, it includes cold, snowy weather, hot beverages, and gathering by the fireplace for cozy evenings together.
It also means finding meaningful ways to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Keeping the real meaning of Christmas alive is the goal and all the other things are the “glue” that binds us together as we celebrate His birth.
Just in time for Christmas! I remember those years when our children were much younger. My sister always wanted them to make her something homemade – so this time of year we were always scrambling for a new idea.
If you have family or friends who enjoy receiving homemade gifts from your children this is the book for you.
We’ve compiled many of our best and easiest ideas. You  may already have most of the materials, but if not a quick trip to the craft store will provide everything you  need to make that unique gift for your child’s special aunt or uncle.

Enter the Giveaways at  And don't forget. . . DAY ELEVEN is coming!!!