Wednesday, September 17, 2014

30 Homeschool Freebies in 30 Days: The Power of the Holy Spirit

I would like to re-post a freebie that I shared in August, but I shared it as part of a larger discussion about the movie The Holy Spirit.  This is a fantastic resource, and I want to make sure that everyone sees it even if they did not read that lengthy post.

In the four volumes of The Power of the Holy Spirit, Don DeWelt takes an in-depth look into every reference to the Holy Spirit in the Bible.  If you are looking for an educated, in-depth, completely Biblical study on the Holy Spirit, or if you are looking for some theological reading for your high schoolers, this is the best resource on the Holy Spirit, apart from the Bible itself, that I have found.

Now, College Press is offering ALL FOUR COMPLETE VOLUMES as PDF downloads, along with four volumes of Personal Worship by Don DeWelt and two books by Herbert Casteel.  All 10 titles as completely free downloads.

Go to for these 10 FREE books.

Happy Reading!  :-)

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