Wednesday, September 10, 2014

30 Homeschool Freebies in 30 Days - Theory of Intelligent Design for High School High School Homeschool Blog Hop
Today I am offering a high school freebie as part of my 30 Days series and also as part of the Homeschool High School Blog Hop.

Think lapbooking is just for the younger kids?  While my girls (who love scrapbooking) may continue lapbooking until college, my son was over it when he was about 10!

That is why we have "lapbook journaling" for the older students.  Knowledge Box Central's lapbook journals include notebooking pages and a study guide.  There are lapbook mini-books that a student may choose to include on the pages, or your student may choose to just take notes on the pages without breaking out the scissors and glue stick!  The decorated subject-oriented pages make note-taking a bit more fun and help the students to remember the subject material.

NOTE:  The sample contains the popular dinosaur puzzle mini-lapbook that younger children may enjoy as well!

Find the full Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook Journal by clicking image below.  The unit study can be done in 1-6 weeks, depending upon how in-depth you want your study to be.  There are options at the end for using additional suggested resources to make this a one-semester study for one-half of a high school science credit.

If a man is walking through the woods and finds a perfectly-functioning pocket watch lying on a stump, does he assume that the random forces of nature placed all of the parts together in exactly the right places to form a sophisticated time-piece, or does he assume that a clock-maker has passed that way before?  This question, posed by natural theologian William Paley circa 1802, has led to the modern study of intelligent design.  What is the study of intelligent design?  Where can a student find resources to understand this subject?
This Lapbook Journal combines journaling with lapbooking to help your student create a notebook that shows a true understanding of this subject.  Written by a homeschool mother, it includes an extensive Study Guide on the most up-to-date research, as well as a journaling section and a section to make optional lapbook pages.  Each section includes suggested resources for further study, and there are links to videos and websites to further enhance learning.  Use for a few weeks to get a general overview of the study of intelligent design, or spend 50 class hours completing all sections and some suggested further resources for a one-half high school credit in Science.
This Lapbook was designed for 6th-12th grade students, but younger students may enjoy the challenge as well.  Please also check out our Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook, designed for K-8th grade students. BOTH of these products use the SAME Study Guide so that your entire family may study this fascinating subject together.

Happy Notebooking!  :-)

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