Friday, September 12, 2014

30 Homeschool Freebies in 30 Days - 9/11 Remembrance

I am so sorry that I did not get the freebie up in time for yesterday.  9/11 Remembrance Day is so important, and while it is fresh in the minds of those of us who are adults, many of the students we are homeschooling now were very young or not even born in 2001, and they do not remember.

My favorite book for this occasion - to remind and to teach my children about the great tragedy that took so many lives, including the father of one of my son's best friends, as well as to tell them how our country came together in the face of the tragedy and how God protected us - is The Little Chapel That Stood.

See the author, A.B. Curtiss, reading the book on a free video at

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