Wednesday, September 3, 2014

30 Homeschool Freebies in 30 Days - Apologia Biology Journal Sample

Today's freebie and resource will be helpful for anyone using Apologia Science, and especially helpful for those who are homeschooling high school.  Those of us who are homeschooling high school just don't get enough freebies and sales, do we?  And we need all the help we can get!!

I highly recommend Apologia Sciences for any grade level, and I highly recommend Knowledge Box Central's lapbooks and journals to accompany them.  Yes, I am an author and affiliate for KBC now, but I used KBC's Apologia products extensively before I ever became affiliated with them.  Looking for some help with Apologia Biology is how I found KBC in the first place.

The Apologia lapbooks are for the younger grades, and the lapbook journals are for the high school level.  Today I am focusing on the high school level, specifically Biology.

If you are like me, high school sciences are intimidating to teach.  Biology was my least favorite subject in school.  I hated dissecting with a passion, but now that I was teaching Biology to my 14-year-old son, he could not wait to dive into something dead with a knife and scalpel.  Biology was probably his favorite subject.  How could I do it justice?  Well, the first step was to call Granddad.  Granddad enjoys cutting things open.  He substitute-taught Biology for a few days!

The second step was to begin KBC's Apologia lapbook journal for Biology.  The lapbook journal has, for each module of the textbook, an on-your-own section - where the student writes the answers to the questions in the textbook; lab reports, both blank and partially filled out, so you decide which ones you want to use; and a review study guide to prepare for the test.   My 10th-grader worked through the Biology text on his own, using the lapbook journal, which he kept in a 3-ring binder.  He answered the questions, did the labs (letting me know if he needed help), studied the study guide, and let me know when he was ready for each test.  The lapbook journal helped him organize what he was learning, highlight what was most important, and learn how to put together a good science notebook.  I graded the tests and averaged them together for his final grade.  He finished with a 90% for the class!

Flash cards for Apologia vocabulary are also available.

Take a look at the free sample below.  If you are using Apologia Biology, or any other Apologia high school science, I am sure you will want KBC's Apologia lapbooking journal to go along with it.

Download a sample of this product here:  VIEW SAMPLE FILE

Click image below for the full journal, available from $10 (Apologia textbook not included).  Packages are also available.

Happy Home-schooling!  :-)

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