Friday, October 21, 2011

TOS Review: Say Anything

As noted in yesterday's post, my family loved the games we received to review from NorthStar Games.  The second game we reviewed was the family edition of Say Anything.  Like Wits & Wagers, this game has brightly colored dry-erase cards.  In place of the fun meeples, it has the high-tech "Select-O-Matic 6000" for showing the reader's choice.  (It is a cardboard dial!)  Instead of numeric answers to trivia questions, in Say Anything, the reader in each round asks a question from the card about his or her own opinion.  The players then must answer the way they think the reader would answer, and the reader picks the best answer.  Sometimes you don't know people as well as you think!!

This fun game for 3-6 players is my kids' new favorite.  (You'll find that every time we get a new game, my kids have a new favorite!)  The box says it is for ages 8+, but again, my 6-year-old enjoys participating.  It is helpful if all the players know how to read, but sometimes he draws a picture of the answer on his card rather than writing a word.  I love the fact that NorthStar Games has made Family Editions of two of their popular party games!  Say Anything Family Edition game retails for $19.99 and can be purchased from places like, Target and other retail stores.  You can find more information at

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Happy Game-Playing!

Disclaimer:  I received a free Say Anything Family game for the purpose of writing this review.  No other compensation was given, and all opinions are my own.

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