Monday, October 31, 2011

TOS Review: Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks!

Do you have a little boy (or girl) who LOVES fire trucks?  This review came at a great time for me, as my 1st grader had just started a unit on fire safety.  Also, since we have several friends and relatives who are fire fighters, any bright and shiny pictures of fire trucks are always popular with my crew!

The 128-page Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks & Firefighters book contains many color pictures of fire engines and other equipment.  It also contains fire-fighting information and trivia about fire-fighting history.  My 6-year-old enjoyed the many pictures.  I think a slightly older child might get a lot more out of the information included.

What my 6-year-old really loved was the DVD that was included:  Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips.  These fun jingles will keep him remembering to "stop, drop, and roll" for a long time to come!

These products are recommended for all ages.  In my house, it seemed that they were best suited for around ages 6-10.  While the songs and pictures are fun for any young children, I think the extra information in the book would especially be good for that older elementary child who wants to go beyond coloring pages and become a young expert on fire engines.  If you are teaching multiple ages about fire safety, this combination would help you to have something for everyone.

You can find all of the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks products at Marshall Publishing,  Purchase the book and DVD combo here for the current sale price of  $29.95 (regularly $49.90).  And just for taking a look at our TOS reviews on the product, you can receive another $10 off the sale price by using the coupon TOSF1 at checkout!

Marshall Publishing also has a number of other educational videos and products, including the George Washington Carver DVD, of which they also graciously sent me a copy.  This inspirational story of the man born into slavery who rose above his circumstances to become a great scientist and benefactor can be purchased at Marshall Publishing for $19.95.  A study guide is also included on the website.

To read other TOS Crew members' reviews of these products by Marshall Publishing, click here.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks & Firefighers book, the Lots & Lots of Fire Songs & Safety Tips DVD, and the George Washington Carver DVD for the purpose of a fair review.  No other compensation was given, and all opinions are my own.

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