Friday, September 16, 2011

TOS Review: Big IQ Kids


We were recently given the opportunity to review a Premium subscription with the Big IQ Kids website at  Big IQ Kids provides drills and practice in spelling, math, vocabulary, and the states of the U.S.  Some content is free, while the premium subscription offers a more complete program in which you can monitor your children's progress.  Here is what the website says about the premium program:

The primary differences between the BigIQkids FREE and PREMIUM programs are the ability of the PREMIUM program to monitor the progress of the student and advance that student only when mastery of the subject matter has been achieved. Additionally, PREMIUM members have their progress tracked, saved, problem areas identified and these findings are reported via email to parents and/or teachers. The PREMIUM program offers students customized buddies, full game page access and the ability to save game coins and gaming high scores. These functions help double the fun while mastering core academic subject matter. The PREMIUM program has very LIMITED advertisement and no ads are displayed during lesson interaction. 

Big IQ Kids offers plans from Spelling Junior, for beginning readers, all the way up to SAT vocabulary lists for high schoolers.  Pricing varies according to which subscription you choose.  You can see the pricing list here.  I used the program for my 8th-grader and my 6th-grader.  They enjoyed the program, and I like the emails that I receive letting me know each time one of them masters a level and moves up.  It made it very easy to monitor their progress. I have looked in the past for a program that lists spelling words for different grade level spelling bees, so I have really enjoyed that feature.  I look forward to starting my son on the SAT word lists when he begins high school.  I think they will be very beneficial in preparing for the tests.  The only disadvantage was that I found the site a bit difficult to navigate, but there are training videos to help with that.


The content of the drills can be used as a stand-alone supplement, or it can be customized to work with specific lessons.


This was a great way to quiz my daughter and make sure she remembered all the states she learned last year, while she thought she was having fun and playing games!


You can see what other crew members thought of the website at The TOS Homeschool Crew website.

Disclaimer:  I received a free premium subscription to for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was given, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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