Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dissections Unlimited

There have been lots of digital scrapbooking freebies lately, but I had intended to post a lot more about the beginning of our school year.  We normally start right after Labor Day, but this year I wanted to get a jump on things, because we just don't know what this year will hold for us, as my husband has retired with 20 years in the Navy and is looking for another job.  We started on August 5, so now - when we would normally be just starting - we have a good month of school under our belt, and it has been quite productive.  One of the favorite activities is always dissecting - well, for some of us!

The crayfish was quite relaxed during the whole procedure, being dead and all:

Father-Son bonding over an earthworm:

I hope to never find an earthworm quite that big in my garden, although I suppose it would be good for fishing bait!

If you are undecided about a science curriculum, I highly recommend Apologia.  I have used quite a few different curriculums.  Sometimes I wish I had used the elementary Apologia books, as they look quite good, but I was very happy with Alpha-Omega's Lifepac and SOS Sciences for the younger grades.  I also liked Christian Kids Explore Chemistry when I had a chance to review it from Bright Ideas Press.  I will probably go back and use that one again with my younger kids.

For high school science that is highly academic and suitable for college prep but that is from a Christian Worldview, nothing beats Apologia Science.   We are using the notebooking, lapbooking, and interactive study guide aids from Knowledge Box Central along with the text, and the result is fabulous notebooks for studying.  I have read that this course of study will prepare a student well for the CLEP exam, so we hope to do that when we finish Apologia Biology.  I'll keep you posted!

Happy dissecting!  :-)

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