Monday, March 26, 2012

A League of Extraordinary Women

In researching my family history, I have realized that I come from a tradition of strong women.

My great-grandmother and my grandmother

Women who were known for their generosity and for their strength.  Women who had healthy marriages, but who were also independent.  Women who knew that it is more important to invest in the marriage than to invest in the wedding.

My grandmother and grandfather

Women who exhibited the love of Christ, who took care of their own families, and who took care of others.  Women who sacrificed their own pleasures for others.

My mother and me

Women who had fun, creativity, and talent.

My mother-in-law

We leave to my daughters a great heritage.

Four Generations: My grandmother, my mother, me, and my children
And women who, when they are gone, will enter Grace and wait for us patiently on the Other Side.  We will see them again.


Here now, I lay me down to rest
God has my soul, my life was blest

A time to mourn and a time to weep
Oh take me Lord into thy keep

In this time of mourning and deep grief
we pray your sorrow be but brief

Look up to Heaven for your strength
we know his love goes any length

Even though she's here no more
picture her at Heaven's Door

as to dust she returns to Earth
it signifies her Eternal Birth

She's standing in the arms of Grace
and looking at God's holy face

Our bodies here must pass away
her job now?  Sing Praise!! all day

Those earthy ails are here no more
she's dancing on the Golden Shore

Let her dance in your mind's eye
see her happy; don't wonder why

Memories might make you sad
remember the life she had

while you're in the midst of grief
let God's Spirit bring relief

One day you'll say, I'm doing just fine
"Beauty from Ashes" can take some time

Let this hope keep tears at bay:
Together we will be some day!

Jamie Franck Turner
© March 2012


  1. What a beautiful post! How special to have access to those wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. You definitely did come from a wonderful line of Christian women. How lucky!

  2. The poem is absolutely lovely!! I read this once and it's so true: Love the ones God gave you because he will want them back one day. Sorry for your loss and keep celebrating the woman that she was!