Monday, August 12, 2013

Flyby Review: Tyndale Rewards Program

Would you like to earn FREE books and Bibles from Tyndale?  Since I'm a member of a church, the Chaplains' wives group, several homeschool groups, and I-Want-Free-Stuffs-Anonymous, I'm pretty sure a wide circle of my friends and readers would love to do just that!

I was pleased to be able to join Tyndale Rewards as part of the Flyby Promotions Group, but the great thing is, I can pass the opportunity along to you for free, as well!  You can join Tyndale Rewards and earn points by signing up, referring friends, and even having a birthday.  It's that easy!

The selection of products available to earn is fantastic, and I'd like to earn all of them!  I would especially like to earn the "camo pink" Bible for my daughter by her birthday next month.  She would love that!  You may be a member of any number of rewards programs, but this is one of the easiest ones I've seen, with the best products to earn.

Click on the following link to join Tyndale Rewards:

Happy Earning!  :-)

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