Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Skylike Chili" - A Little Taste of Cincinnati At Home

Skyline Chili Three-Way
When we were in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, my kids found a new love - Skyline Chili!  Living in North Carolina, we don't get up to Cincinnati too often.  The last time was about --- 7 years ago.  Internet to the rescue!  My son found a copycat recipe and made it for us last night.  Yes, I'm sorry purists, but we did use Colby-Jack cheese instead of cheddar.  We also used ground turkey in the chili instead of ground beef.  He did everything from scratch, chopping the onions and mincing the garlic himself.

The teenage Grill Master is becoming a Chili Chef as well.  He will have a hard time beating his dad in both of those departments, but he is looking forward to the next chili cook-off in the fall when he can test their skills against each other before unbiased judges!!

Happy Cooking!

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