Monday, May 13, 2013

LEGO Lapbooks

Another adventure in lapbooking!  I wish I'd known about these things years ago when I started homeschooling.  I found another great one - "Learning with LEGO" lapbook from Walking By The Way.  I should mention that we have so many Legos that we are considering building ourselves a house from them.  To say my kids (including the big Dad-kid) love Legos is an understatement.  In this unit study, the kids learned about the history behind Legos, the country of Denmark, doing math with Legos, and a little about Lego's business model, in addition to hours of fun building with the bricks and taking pictures of their projects to include with their lapbooks.

If your kids love LEGOS as much as mine do, download this great free resource from

Happy Lapbooking!

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