Saturday, December 15, 2012

Exciting Adventures in 2013!

A while back, I indicated that I had some exciting things coming up for the new year.  I am putting a few of my involvements on hold for about 6 months to a year - such as directing children's musicals at church and writing reviews for The Schoolhouse Review Crew - although I loved both of those activities very much.  Right now, though, I would like to concentrate on writing and homeschooling.  Some wonderful new opportunities have opened up to me, which I would like to pursue.

First of all, I am working on a follow up to my first book:  Amazing Plants by Design.  If you are a budding author, a wanna-be author, or have just always wondered what the writing/publishing process entails, please follow me at  Over there, I give you a glimpse into the step-by-step process.  Join me in the journey, whether I succeed or fail!

Secondly - and I am very excited about this one - I have been working on my first lapbook unit study for Knowledge Box Central.  It is also on Intelligent Design, and I hope to have it released very soon.  When I do, all of my loyal followers on either blog or Facebook will be the first to know!

Have I mentioned that you'll want to be around for DAY ELEVEN of The Schoolhouse Review Crew 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways??

Merry Christmas!

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