Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Freebies - My Memories

I will not be able to get on blogger every day during December, but today I have several freebies for you!  This one is from My Memories, and it would be a fun project for the whole family.  Click image below for the link to download the templates for these beautiful 3D stars.  Hurry, it's only free until December 10!

I've talked to several people recently who are wanting to get started with digital scrapbooking.  I don't think I'll ever completely give up paper scrapbooking (I'm a hybrid scrapper), but there are advantages to scrapping your memory books digitally:

1) It's all GREEN - no paper, no waste!  If you choose to print your pages, you still don't have all the little pieces you just threw away from cutting paper and cropping photos.
2) Easy to share on Facebook, blog, or email.  Face it, how often do your friends come over to watch the slideshow from your vacation anymore?  Or to look at your albums?  All of your friends will look at a digital album on Facebook!
3) Easy to share multiple copies.  Making a family album?  Send a disc to Cousin Harry and your Great Aunt Ruth.  They can view it on a computer, a digital picture frame, or have it printed out.
4) Protect your originals.  Have a photo of your great-great-grandparents taken in 1860?  You definitely do not want to cut or glue that.  Scan it and then file it in an archival envelope in a safe somewhere.  Crop the scan and make copies of your page for any family members who want it.
5) Less mess.  I was trying to paper scrapbook with four children ages 6 and under, who wanted to "help" me with the glue and scissors.  It was an ordeal just to get out my supplies.  Now it's all on my laptop, which I can take with me while I'm waiting an hour here and an hour there for karate lessons, baseball practice, etc., and make good use of my time.
6) Inexpensive, and you can use every paper and embellishment over and over again.

Ready to try it but don't have any software?  One inexpensive way to get started is with My Memories' own software.  Use the code STMMMS79285 to get $10 off at  Makes a great Christmas gift, too!

Need a little more incentive?  Purchase the brand new Version 4 that just came out, and enter to win a free 12x12 Photobook!  Click below for details.

My Memories is feeling so generous this Christmas season, they are even letting me give away one copy of the newest Version 4 software for free on my blog.  Leave a comment below or on my Facebook page by December 15 for your chance to win!

Have fun scrapping, and Merry Christmas!


  1. Ahh This is on my Christmas Wish list!!!!! Would love to win this!!!

  2. Great opportunity -- thank you!

  3. Crystaldawson4 you are the winner! Congratulations and Merry Christmas!