Monday, October 15, 2012

Schoolhouse Review: KinderBach Online

KinderBach Online is an interactive online program to be used along with a keyboard and rhythm instruments to teach the basics of piano and music theory to children ages 2-7.  Since the ideal age to start actual piano lessons is around age 7 or 8, this program is an excellent introduction for younger children.  If you would like to expose your early elementary or preschool-age children to basic music theory or see how they will like piano before starting lessons, this program would be great for you, whether you homeschool or not.  You do not even need to purchase a piano, as an inexpensive keyboard, even a toy keyboard, will work fine.

I reviewed KinderBach last school year, and I was recently given the opportunity to review it for a few more months.  At this point, I am only using it with my youngest, who is 7.  It really is too juvenile for my older children, who are all now singing in choirs and playing instruments.  KinderBach is a great way for my 7-year-old to have his very own music lessons at a level that he enjoys, and it is giving him a foundation in rhythm and note-reading that I wish my other children had at that age.  He is ecstatic to be playing with his online video-friends - Frisco, Dodi the Donkey, and all their keyboard pals - again!  Really, anything that makes noise makes him happy, and homemade rhythm instruments are second only to Legos as his favorite toys!
Dodi the Donkey
In each KinderBach Online lesson, there is a video where children will learn basics like notes, rhythm, and composition while playing games with the fun characters.  Simple songs help them to remember what they have learned.  I think the "Dodi the Donkey" song was introduced in our very first lesson last year, and my 7-year-old still walks around singing it until the other kids beg him to stop!  There is a printable PDF workbook with coloring and activity pages to go with each of the six levels.  I really like how the video and book work together.  For instance, sometimes the student will be instructed to color a page while listening to a song on the video.  This kind of learning that stimulates several senses and keeps my son's hands and mind busy is the most productive!

Other activities include action games, using our hands and feet to work out rhythms and learn notes and intervals.  I like the way patterns in music are explored and practiced in the videos so that children will learn to sing, play, and read music very quickly.

If you have a child aged 7 or younger who is not quite ready for formal piano lessons, but whom you would like to give a foundation in basic piano and music-reading, I highly recommend KinderBach lessons.  Here is the low-down:

The Product:  KinderBach Online
Ages:  2-7
Price:  See KinderBach Shop for prices, starting as low as $7.99/month!

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There is also a brand new KinderBach App for iPhone or iPad, which some of my fellow Crew Members have been reviewing.  To see what the Crew thought of both products, click the banner below.

Disclaimer:  I received a free subscription to KinderBach Online in exchange for a fair review.  No other compensation was given, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the review! It sounds like a great program for my 5 year old. He loves playing on the keyboard. He sits next to his older brother while he plays video games, and plays music to go along with the games.