Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday - Yay or Nay?

Are you a Black Friday shopper?  I did some shopping today - online, from the leather recliner in my living room, with the heat set at 70 degrees F.  I love deals, but crowds, traffic, and cold are not for me!

That being said, I do like to take advantage of the big deals.  I buy most of my household items and clothing at thrift stores, and I pay full price for almost nothing.  There are some great deals on Amazon today.  And yes, I am an affiliate, so I'm doing some advertising here, but I also want to talk about one of my favorite things, Homeschooling with a Kindle.

As anyone who has been on this blog a few times knows, I work for Knowledge Box Central.  We publish lapbooks, unit studies, etc., for homeschoolers, as well as educational materials for public school teachers.  One of my jobs is to convert our unit studies for Kindle.  People ask me all the time about how to use Kindle in your homeschool and how our products work on Kindle.  So, since we have a lull in the school year right now, and it's a GREAT time to buy a Kindle, I'm going to have a series over the next month on Homeschooling with your Kindle.  There will be resources, information, and lots of Freebies, so check back with me often, especially if you are new to the Kindle world.

If you are thinking about a Kindle for school, Christmas, or both, you need to take advantage of the Black Friday sale.  This is one of the items that is heavily discounted this weekend.  If you order today, you should have your Kindle early next week.  Then you can hang out with me online this month and fill up your Kindle (or your child's) with lots of goodies!

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