Thursday, June 18, 2015

Product Review: Pippi Longstocking Literature Guide and Mini-Lapbook

Today we have a review from Guest Reviewer  Nichole Wise!

                Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking is a classic that both boys and girls in upper elementary will enjoy.  If you are looking for a guide to take that book off the pages, consider the unit study written by Rebecca Morley which is published by Knowledge Box Central.  
                Morley’s unit study will appeal first to the “lapbooker”  because she provides templates for lapbook elements that can be completed alongside the writing.  Families who have not dived into this element of homeschooling will still find plenty of suggested extension activities and worksheets in addition to the lapbook features.   An e-book format simplifies the preparation for moms who want to print more than one copy of the worksheets if more than one child is completing this book study.
                I will admit that the image on the first page does not coincide with the image that is often tied with the original book or movies, but the template will still allow students to color her traditional red hair!  Older students may choose to draw their own picture of Pippi since this unit study allows for extension activities that include art and drawing.  With regards to the chapter worksheets, I personally think this unit study might be better suited for grades 3-6 since it requires some mastery of writing.  However,  some moms may choose to use the comprehension questions as oral work, thereby making this unit study usable for younger students who are still learning to write.
                The included worksheets and vocabulary work will provide moms with some academic type assignments for their students, but the extension activities will surely be a favorite for all.  This will also appeal to the mom who struggles to come up with hands-on creative projects, but doesn’t want the projects to be overwhelming to prepare for or too pricey.

                 I always liked Pippi Longstocking, not just because I have red hair, but because it was great fun to imagine this crazy fun-loving character and her adventures.  With Morely’s unit book, students will not only read this book, but they will create a fun lap book of memories.
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Happy Lapbooking!  :-)

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