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Flyby Review: Old Fashioned

I don't believe that dating trains us to be good husbands or wives, you know?  Life partners.  It trains us to be good dates.  That's it.  Trains us to be skilled in the superficial.
 - Clay in Old Fashioned

Has chivalry been lost?  Can it be reclaimed?  What is a modern "courtship"?

I have two teenagers, a boy and a girl, plus two preteens on their way up.  DATE is a four-letter word in our house that sends my husband running for his shotgun!  In an age where anyone in the movies is a prude if they have reached the age of 18 with their virginity intact, how do I protect my children's purity - and more importantly, train them to protect their own purity - and prepare them for a successful lifelong marriage, should they choose to get married?  On the other end of the spectrum, there are parents encouraging their children not to kiss until their wedding.  Is that realistic?

Old Fashioned is a movie about a young guy who runs an antique store in a small midwestern town and endeavors to turn his back on his former reckless lifestyle and "do things the old fashioned way."  He sets boundaries and fights to keep them against the opposition of practically everyone he knows.  Of course, it's a movie, so an incredibly beautiful girl has to move into the apartment upstairs to test his limits, right?  How will Clay and Amber navigate these waters?  Is it possible to have a good, old-fashioned courtship in a modern world?

I greatly enjoyed this movie.  It's a little slow-moving, but it strikes me as being more realistic than a lot of movies that are billed as "Christian romance."  The character development and the plot drew me in.  The idea that there are still people who want an "old-fashioned" romance is alluring.  It was refreshing to me that the guy was the one attempting to protect himself and the girl in the relationship, rather than the old tired plot of the guy pushing and pushing and the girl saying no, no, no.  I also liked the emphasis on the stories of people in the movie.  I liked the fact that both protagonists in the movie had to "give a little," without compromising convictions.  And I liked the fact that while the movie encourages strong convictions, it still comes across as being written for entertainment, not just to "teach a lesson."  In short, it was a good movie!

I am looking forward to reviewing the novel and the devotional that accompany the movie:

Rene Gutteridge wrote the novelization of the screenplay by Rik Swartzwelder, who also stars as Clay in the movie.

Like all good modern studies, there is also a 40-day devotional:  The Old-Fashioned Way:  Reclaiming the Lost Art of Romance.

Taken together, the movie, the novel, and the devotional journal are an excellent way to introduce your teens to the concept of courtship.  Explore the old-fashioned way to build a relationship that will last!
A romantic-drama, OLD FASHIONED centers on Clay Walsh, a former frat boy who gives up his reckless carousing and now runs an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town. There, he has become notorious for his lofty and outdated theories on love and romance as well as for his devout belief in God. When Amber Hewson, a free-spirited young woman with a restless soul, drifts into the area and rents the apartment above his shop, she finds herself surprisingly drawn to his strong faith and noble ideas, which are new and intriguing to her. And Clay, though he tries to fight and deny it, simply cannot resist being attracted to her spontaneous and passionate embrace of life. Ultimately, Clay must step out from behind his relational theories and Amber must overcome her own fears and deep wounds as the two of them, together, attempt the impossible: an "old-fashioned" and God-honoring courtship in contemporary America. 
The Novel: Turning his back on his reckless lifestyle, former frat boy Clay Walsh has settled down to turn an antique shop in a small Midwestern college town....and to purse lofty and outdated theories on love and romance.  But when Amber Hewson, a free-spirited woman with a gypsy soul, rents the apartment above his shop, Clay can't help being attracted to her spontaneous and passionate embrace of life.  Amber also finds herself surprisingly drawn to Clay, but his ideas about relationships are unusual to say the least, and they bring to light her own deep wounds and fears about love.  They say opposites attract, but can Clay and Amber move beyond their differences and their pasts to attempt an "old fashioned" courtship?
The Devotional:  Contrary to popular opinion, being "old fashioned" doesn't mean you're dull or unromantic.  In fact, a true old fashioned relationship can be more exciting and romantic than anything you've ever experienced!  So what does it mean to do things the old fashioned way?  Sure, it means opening doors, holding out chairs, and taking things slow.  But a true old fashioned romance goes much, much deeper than that.  Inspired by the motion picture Old Fashioned, this book will show you how to reclaim the lost art of romance by introducing you to romantic love as God intended it.  Regardless of your past mistakes, where you've been, what you've done, or where you are now, you can find and create a love that will last a lifetime!  As you work your way through this forty-day journey of inspiring readings and questions for reflection, you'll discover all the unique and amazing benefits of doing things the old fashioned way.  And before you know it, you'll be well on your way to creating a love story for the ages.    
Stay tuned for my reviews of the novel and the devotional at the end of the month.  At the end, there will be a drawing for one person to win the prize pack of all 3!

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