Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Homeschool Deals: 15% Off Coupon Code for ANY one Compass Classroom Product!

Are you ready to start Back to School?  Have you already started?  If you are like me, you still have a few curriculum items you need to purchase.  You've been held back by a busy schedule, tight budget, or just plain procrastination!  Well, procrastinators (myself included), it's time to get moving.  I can't clear your schedule, but I can offer you a coupon to help with the tight budget!

I have reviewed items from Compass Classroom on my blog in the past:

I am now an affiliate with Compass Classroom and would love to share some savings with you!

Compass Classroom

Use coupon code CHAPLAIN15 to take 15% off ANY one Compass Classroom homeschooling product!  COUPON IS ONLY GOOD TODAY AND TOMORROW!! (August 20 & 21)

Compass Classroom offers specialized homeschooling curriculum in History, Latin, Film-making, Economics, Poetry, Philosophy, and Bible.

Find more homeschool deals at The Compass Classroom!

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