Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flyby Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2 Discussion Guide

I've got some real super-hero fanatics around my house.  My son had the "Captain America" movie banner as his computer wallpaper for a year before the movie came out.  They race home from Scouts and soccer practice every Tuesday night to watch Agents of Shield.  And of course, we are breathlessly waiting for The Amazing Spiderman 2 to hit the theaters!

One thing I've always enjoyed about the traditional comic book super-heroes is that most of them are good (though imaginary) role models.  Existing in comic books instead of in the real world, they are able to consistently make the right choices in the epic fight of good against evil.  While not religious in any of the stories, they are generally "good" and believe that those who have the power to help others also have the responsibility to do so.  Even as the super-heroes in many of the modern movies have become more "human" and acknowledged more of a "dark side," Peter Parker has remained a pretty good guy.  In the Amazing Spiderman 2, however, he will face his greatest challenge!

This cosmic fight of good against evil, where good must always win in the end, leads to some good discussions with students.  If, for instance, you were bitten by a genetically altered spider in a high-tech science lab and then discovered that you possessed super powers and the ability to swing from building to building on webs you produced (this is THE DREAM for every third-grade boy I know), how would you behave?  Would you use your new-found abilities to help others, or would you spend your days swinging around town on webs?  Does great power come with great responsibility?

To my youngest son's great disappointment, no spiders around our house in North Carolina seem to have the ability to impart super powers.  Not once has he woken up with the ability to spin a web, fly, have super strength or super speed, or any other super ability, despite his greatest expectations.  He does, however, have talents of his own, as do all of my children.  Whether they talk, sing, play guitar, play soccer, or have a black-belt in karate, how can they use these talents to help others?  Do they have a responsibility to use their talents for others, or for God?  What makes a great leader?

These are the questions we have been discussing this week, led by The Amazing Spiderman 2 Discussion Guide.  The discussion guide covers several key points about the characters in the movie (none of them are spoilers if you are already familiar with the comic books and/or the first movie).  It brings up quotes from the movie, discusses how the heroes and villains handle different situations, and lists applicable Bible verses.  This has been a great way to use the excitement over the upcoming movie to inspire discussions about character and selfless actions in our house.  I highly recommend the discussion guide for anyone with children who plans to see The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Flyby Promotions provided us with a fun prize pack including The Amazing Spiderman 2 Discussion Guide, an Amazing Spiderman 2 t-shirt, a Spiderman mask, and a phone case.  I have another prize pack to give away on my blog!  Simply comment on this post or on my Facebook page by April 30 to enter the drawing.  I'd love to hear ways that you have incorporated super-hero stories into your own homeschool or family discussions!

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