Saturday, June 1, 2013

Music Lapbook

Here is my daughter's latest lapbook.  You know you always have one in the class who finishes all of her work way before everyone else and then gets bored, but you hate to just give her busy work and "punish" her for doing her work quickly and well.  She is that one in our homeschool.  She is in middle school now, so I am giving her some unit studies and projects that she enjoys and can do on her own when she finishes her other work.

This unit is "Musical Instruments" by School Express.  You can sign up for School Express's newsletter to get a new free unit study each Sunday.  See

My daughter did the unit study on her own, designed her own lapbook, and presented it to the class.

Once your kids get comfortable with lapbooking, challenge them to design some of their own.  This is a great learning activity that is fun to do!

Happy lapbooking!  :-)

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