Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TOS Review: The World's Greatest Stories

My husband and I have always thought that not only is the Bible important for spiritual growth, but it also contains some of the greatest literature on earth.  Why wouldn't it?  It was written by the Author of Authors, and every word is true!  If you want a happy story, a sad story, a comedy, a tragedy, an adventure story, a topic for your report on ancient literature, or a great plot for a new movie, it's all there.  The story of Abraham and Sarah alone is a saga unequaled by modern romantic adventures.  So why should kids grow up thinking it's boring?  For some reason, that is a common misconception among children, perhaps because they have heard it read in dry monotone voices, or perhaps because they just haven't been exposed to these stories enough.  Stories such as "Daniel and The Lions' Den" and "Jonah and The Great Fish" have fed the minds of children for generations.

In our search for children's Biblical materials, however, we have been frustrated by the inaccuracy of so many retellings.  Oh, I enjoy a good novel of historical fiction, and I love cartoon anachronisms showing familiar Bible stories in the present day.  But when it really comes to teaching, I was having a hard time finding enjoyable children's materials that did not change parts of the stories and create confusion for the children.  We finally found the - perhaps obvious - solution of simply reading to the children straight from the Bible.

George W. Sarris of The World's Greatest Stories came to the same conclusion.  Why rewrite the greatest stories of all time?  In his series of audio CDs, he tells the old favorites verbatim from both the New International and the King James Versions.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.  He is a dynamic story-teller who uses voice characterizations, sound effects, and some background music to truly make the stories come alive.  I received Volume 1: The Prophets, in the NIV, to review.  It includes the stories "The Blazing Furnace," "Daniel in the Lions' Den," "The Prophecy of Jonah," and others.  There are six volumes available all together.  These CDs are fantastic for children of any age who enjoy listening to stories, especially those who are not yet good readers or who are simply better auditory learners.  They are great for car trips, bedtime listening, or as a supplemental activity for one child to use while the busy parent/teacher is working with someone else.  Truthfully, though, I would enjoy them most simply gathering around the fireplace and listening as a family.

Each CD or cassette tape is $7.95 and is about an hour long.  If you order six or more items in one transaction, the shipping is free!  See more about George W. Sarris, order a cassette tape or CD in the NIV or KJV, and even listen to some audio clips for yourself at http://www.worldsgreateststories.com/.

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Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of Volume 1 of The World's Greatest Stories on CD in exchange for a fair review.  No other compensation was given, and all opinions are my own.

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