Friday, December 9, 2016

Flyby Review: Amy Grant's Tennessee Christmas

It just wouldn't be Christmas without some Amy Grant music playing!  I was excited to get this CD to review while getting ready for the holiday season!

The album "Tennessee Christmas" has some new songs and some old favorites.  During some of the songs, Amy waxes nostalgic and talks about Christmases she remembers and her kids being young.  I guess I'm not quite ready for the nostalgic memory-type of album, since my kids are all still home.  I don't tend to like a lot of talking in the middle of songs.  I just like straight Christmas music.  All of the songs were also pretty slow and drug out a little too much for me.  I like a peppier, more energetic sound.  All in all, this was probably my least-favorite of Amy Grant's Christmas albums.

All that said, Amy Grant is still Amy Grant, and as someone pointed out, her voice never seems to age or change.  She graces every piece with the quality we've come to know is only from Amy!  If you enjoy Christmas music with a bit of nostalgia, this album may be just what the doctor ordered!

Listen to one of the new songs, "To Be Together," a song inspired by Amy's daughter's car accident, at the following link and see if this is an album you'd like to add to your collection!

You can purchase the album here:

Also, as part of this project, please upload any videos you may have of you surprising loved ones for the holidays to social media.
Bloggers are free to ask their readers to post these to socials using the hashtag #TNChristmasSurprise! We’ll be making a compilation video and posting it to Amy’s socials – this specific video has not been announced yet though.
Similar to this video:
Those chosen will be part of a compilation video that Amy herself will share on her large social media outlets!

Happy listening and Merry Christmas!


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