Saturday, September 3, 2016

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Featured Games

Stark Apps GmbH

"This is such a super cute game! I really love the graphics, particularly the mermaid statues, and all the aquatic fish. The game is very easy to play and its a nice way to pass some time." — Shanna M.

Swipe The Words
Bosphorus Mobile

"Makes you think which is the whole idea of playing. Fun finding hidden words. Just challenging enough. Very enjoyable." — Julie

Fallen Tree Games
"What a terrific game! Rewards steady, tenacious, imaginative play and deductive reasoning. Very satisfying." — DZ

Random Salad Games LLC

"Awesome dominoes game! it gives you three options in which to play, muggins, block. and a third.. You can also choose how high you want the game to go; 100, 200 or 300 . Top notch app!" — Robin


"This is a great escape game! Challenging but not to [sic] difficult. Made it through all the levels and the secret room. Wish there was more. I am going to look for more escape games by this developer!" — laurie

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