Friday, October 2, 2015

For October: History of Hallowe'en Lapbook - Tomorrow's Deal of the Day!

A message from Knowledge Box Central via CurrClick:

We know that your weekends are busy and you may not always have time to check your email so we wanted to send this out TODAY and let you know about 


History of Halloween Lapbook

While Halloween is not observed in many homes today, there are still cultural lessons to be learned from its journey through the centuries. In this lapbook and study guide, your student will not only learn the history that is said to have influenced this holiday, but also the religious impact and cultural changes that have shaped it into the Halloween of today.

Get this Fun and Informative Lapbook

for ONLY $1.50!!

(Regular Price $5.00)

So set a reminder on your phone, put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or tie a string around your finger.

Whatever it takes to remember that tomorrow,
at 10am, this deal goes LIVE!

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