Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25 Days of Christmas - Day 13

For Day 13, we have an adorable decorating idea.  A caterer did this last year for our Boy Scouts' Christmas dinner.  Something fun, Christmas-y, and that boys would like!  The decorations are almost all edible.  The snowmen are made from marshmallows, and the reindeer are made from pretzel sticks and brown-colored marshmallows.  I believe these may have been gingerbread-flavored marshmallows or something like that which were sold last year in stores.  The reindeer and snowmen are stuck onto the graham cracker bases with white icing to look like snow.  The Christmas trees were "Little Debbie" Christmas tree cakes.  Blue and white candy sprinkles were scattered around, and starlight mints were placed around the edges of the mats.  The campfire was made from pretzel sticks.  I believe the flame was just a piece of tissue paper, so that would be the only inedible part.  The best part of the whole decoration was that the reindeer had all left little mini-chocolate chip "deposits" behind them, while the snowmen had left mini-marshmallow "reminders" in their wake.  The boys absolutely loved this.  This whole display was set up in the middle of each table.  Everyone oohed and aahed, and then during the dinner, the kids disassembled all the decorations and ate them, making for a very easy cleanup and no waste!

Share your favorite Christmas decorating ideas!

Merry Christmas!  :-)

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