Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vicki from A Work In Progress at MyMemories

Featured Designer and a Giveaway!

Today's featured designer is Vicki from A Work In Progress and she has another FANTASTIC giveaway to offer you this week!

Hi, I'm Vicki! I live in Bristol, England and have done for the past 20 years. I love it here, it's a big city and there is so much going on. We are, however, moving out to the countryside later this year for a bit of a change!

My extended family is HUGE - I have something like 30 first cousins and I've lost count of second cousins! My Mum has 4 siblings and my Dad had 5, so that's a few aunties and uncles to begin with! However, my immediate family - those I live with are just my hubby and two Labradors, Pompey and Lily. I love my little family and there are no plans to extend it - small is beautiful!

I started as a card maker and paper scrapper (and I still am), but we bought a house that needed a lot of work and there just wasn't room to have a dedicated scrapping area at that time, so I started spending more time on the internet looking at layouts for inspiration when I would be able to have a scrapping space. One day I found a layout that looked like paper, but it was digital - I was so impressed and that got me hooked - I realized I could indulge my hobby without the space and mess! Designing came not long afterwards - I use photoshop at work and know it quite well and I figured I could use that knowledge to make my own kits. I have to tell you, my first efforts were not brilliant, but I guess we all have to start somewhere!

I have a Canon EOS 1000D which is fairly new to me, but I adore it. The photos it takes are so much better than my point and shoot even in automatic mode. However, I am learning slowly how to use manual and the photos are improving more :)

When designing I take inspiration from lots of things - items of clothing, events, colour swatches and sometimes just an image I see on the internet. There is so much inspiration everywhere you look! I guess when I design I nearly always have a colour swatch first before anything else. That swatch usually says something to me and I find a theme from that.

A random fact about me..... When I was 11, I was convinced that I would one day marry George Michael!

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