Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wii Will Motivate You!

I found the greatest free Wii clipart downloads at Mohawk Valley Library System!

I was already devising a system that would use WiiBucks to reward my children for chores and homeschool extra-credit projects that went above and beyond their normal requirements, so this poster is perfect!!  These WiiBucks are then redeemable for Wii time during the week (they are normally only allowed to play on the weekend, which my son calls the "Wii-kend"), TV time, or other electronic games or computer free-time.  I generally restrict all this electronic media time pretty carefully, but as of now I am not putting a cap on how much they can earn with this incentive program.  I figure if they do 15 hours of research for projects, I do not mind if they play 5 hours of Wii!

You can download the above poster as well as the individual clipart pieces.  They are in JPG format rather than PNG, and some of them are rather small and low resolution, but I found them very useful, anyway.  Here are the charts I made (all linked to MVLS to download pieces):

They must do their daily chores first (list above left), before getting to use their WiiBucks.  (They get paid for a few chores, such as yardwork.)  The chart on the right will be laminated, so that we can write-on/wipe-off what they have earned and used each week.

Here is the list of projects they can work on for extra credit.  I made it using the Wii Games Kit by Annie's Four Corners.   You can download the blank one below if you are interested in using a similar system for either chores or extra-credit work.

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