Thursday, February 17, 2011

No-Sew Tinkerbell Blanket

My daughter wanted to make another one of these gorgeous Disney knotted blankets.  The kits are sold at Wal-mart.  She's actually old enough that she did it mostly by herself.  I know I should be more creative and quit buying all these kits, but the projects are so nifty!

It is simple to do one of these without a kit.  Get two pieces of fleece that you like (the back of this one is solid lime-green), and pin them together to hold them in place.  Cut a square that's 3 inches on each side out of each corner.  Cut 3-inch fringes through both pieces all the way around, and tie knots with the fringes on the top piece and the fringes on the bottom piece.  Remove the pins.  You can also make a knotted blanket with one piece of fleece, but this double ply makes a nice heavy, cozy blanket!

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