Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Math Games - Without Batteries???

Yesterday I pulled out a tool we've had for a long time but haven't used in quite a while for my second-grader:  Math Wraps by Klutz.  These little booklets are lots of fun and provide a little extra math practice.  My girls took it, turned it over and over in their hands, and said, "Where do you put the batteries??"  Yes, we are raising full participants in the electronic generation!  Nevertheless, my second-grader played with this for hours and loved it.

This one is Grade 2 "Creature Math."  Each page has at least one problem with a cute little creature in it.  This is a matching game where you wrap the string from each problem on one side of the page to the answer on the other.

Once you are done, you turn the booklet over, and if you got them all correct, the string pattern will match the pattern on the back.

It is great for a quiet riding-in-the-car or waiting-in-the-doctor's-office activity.  There are other books and other grade levels available.  Apparently these are out of print now, which makes me very sad, but you can still find them on sites like Amazon.

Also, if you are looking for fun Math games, check out Big  There is a free download for Timez Attack, a video game teaching multiplication tables.  I have found it to be an oasis in the desert of math-teaching-tools-that-don't-appeal-to-boys!

Have a happy math class!

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