Monday, July 31, 2017

Knowledge@Kindle - QR Task Cards and a Freebie!

QR Task Cards
Have you tried our QR Task Cards?  These are fantastic for Kindle because they provide skills practice that can all be done on the Kindle with no printing! Your students can flip through the cards, say the answers out loud or write them down, and check their own answers by using another device (such as a phone) to check the QR code!

Download What Time Is it? QR Task Cards & Response Sheets - Random Analog Clocks - Set 1 FREE, starting tomorrow, to try it out!  
Available free August 1-5, 2017.
MORE QR Task Cards
If you like the FREEBIE, try the rest of our QR Task Cards!
Overstock Sale!
Do you print the books you purchase on Kindle?  Our Overstock Sale on printed items is still going on!  Some of these may be cheaper than you could print them for at home.  Take a look!
Every Kindle Lapbook and Lapbook Journal includes a coupon on the last page for the FREE PDF version so that you can print the pages!

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